Photo Shoot - Smash the Cake

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Algarve, Portugal

The Photo Shoot lasts approximately 1h30 hours, to be held at the baby's place or at another place to establish with the client. It should be premarked approximately 1 month in advance to the birthday at most until 2 months later. The ideal period for this session is between 11 and 13 months, during which time the children interact with greater curiosity but still do not walk much around the scene. You can register many expressions and moments that you will surely remember foreverwith love.

Where the session will take place: The sessions can be held in the baby's home if there is significant space for the setting of the scene or in another place to be combined with the professional. The price of this photo shoot, its free of extra costs within a radius of up to 50 km from the city of Lagoa. For greater distances, its necessary to increase the price  with extra costs for  travel expenses and must be agreed directly with the professional.

Accessories: The session is divided in two parts and the professional will take with him two sets of clothes, "watermelon" and "cake". If you prefer, you can wear a baby outfit and use an personal item.

Session time: To be scheduled with the parents, depending on the baby's routine. 

Duration: The session lasts approximately 1h30, time needed to set the stage, change accessories and record the moment.

Files Delivered: We will deliver all photos from the session. Editing and printing (15 * 20 cm format) of 20 photos. Work delivered in 4GB pen.

Offer: Customized assembly with photos of the session. Includes white frame 21 * 30 cm.

Experience valid for 3 months.