Photo Shoot - Bachelor Party

Photo Shoot of Bachelor Party, moments that will be remembered forever! Offer this special package to the bride, she will love it!


Algarve, Portugal

There is nothing better than capturing the essence of special moments, turn them in high quality photographs and making the experience unique, in the photo shoot of bachelor party we want to record the most daring, natural and simple moments. The photo shoot lasts approximately 1 hour, to be held in the place to be arranged with the client. It should be pre-marked in advance to ensure availability for the date you want.

Create unique moments, eternize family memories. Christmas, birthdays, invitations to children's parties, and many other occasions are great to celebrate with a family photo shoot. Because the best we have in life, is our family and the memories we create over time. The photo shoot has a duration of 1 hour and can be done in outer or inner space, as desired. It should be marked according to availability of both parts. it is advised for sessions to be held abroad to mark at the beginning of the morning or late afternoon, periods that has the best light conditions to photo shoot.

Where the session will take place: Place to be arranged with the participants, can be held at the location of the event designated by the client or in another place to be combined with the professional. The price of this photo shoot, its free of extra costs within a radius of up to 50 km from the city of Lagoa. For greater distances, its necessary to increase the price  with extra costs for  travel expenses and must be agreed directly with the professional.

Accessories: To make the party more dynamic, you can bring funny accessories such as glasses, colored necklaces, masks, bands, balloons ... whatever you want to use during the session. As a suggestion, all the friends can dress in a single color so that the bride is highlighted.

Schedule of the session: Scheduled according to availability between the client and photographer.

Duration: The session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Files Delivered: We will deliver all photos from the session. Editing and printing (15 * 20 cm format) of 30 photos. Work delivered in 4GB pen.

Offer:  1 photo printed (15X20cm) for each friend of the bride.

Experience valid for 3 months.