Introductory classes SUP Paddle

Learn the essential bases for Paddle. You will love it!


R. Dr. Henrique Gomes,

8365-133 Armação de Pêra

Bluexperiences is "expert" in the theoretical and practical training of beginners.
Become a natural dominator of this fantastic sport. Easy to learn this sport is ideal for any age and perfectly adaptable in any type of water, river or sea.

With Bluexperiences, you can have the first contact with a Paddle board and you will certainly want to do more classes. That´s for sure!

The first part of the lesson consists of a general explanation of the SUP board and its specific rowing, turning and  balance. Following are the first attempts already in water, covering the three basic positions: lying on the board, kneeling and finally standing up.

 Starting at 9.30 am with a meeting in Benagil Beach. Under appointment.

Time of each session: 1h30

Experience valid for 12 months.