Driving Course Platinum Class - AIA

The most complete driving experience in AIA!


Sítio do Escampadinho, Mexilhoeira Grande,

8500-148 Portimão, Portugal

Como chegar | How to get here
GPS: 37º 13' 19'' N    008º 37' 46'' W

Car lovers can enjoy a safe learning course on the track of the AIA, which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of each participant. With several exercises in the Paddock (Drift Control, Dynamic Control) and multi-level track, the participant will have the opportunity to drive true dream cars.

The training of the driver is an important aspect against road accidents. The Autodromo Internacional do Algarve intends through its courses to improve the individual capacity of the driver thanks to different situations that can be found in the daily life on the roads. Briefing / Theory Presentation of all the staff and brief explanation about the program will be given.

Introduction with relevant aspects of the circuit and its learning.   Location: Sala Briefing.

Exercise 1 "Dynamic Control" The goal is to go through the circuit without touching the cones. The track will have areas of low adherence, in order to simulate an extreme situation in real life. This exercise allows the participant to develop reflexes, to gain agility and control over the vehicle. This exercise consists of performing a reconnaissance lap, another timed lap.   Location: Paddock area 1 (Track with cones)

Exercise 2 “Drift Control”  The driver will have to demonstrate his ability to control the vehicle. The objective is to keep control of the vehicle in drift, doing that with circular trajectories.   Location: Drift Pad

 Exercise 3 "Elk Test" Consists of the simulation of an emergency move, an obstacle, at various speeds. This is an excellent exercise that improves the ability to control the car, in a situation that usually happens, in real life. Two laps at different speeds.   Location: Paddock area 2

Exercise 4 "Beginning in Track" On-track exercise to deepen the knowledge of the track and its ideal trajectories. The first lap will be done next to the instructor, and then make 4 laps behind the wheel, always with the supervision of the instructor. After that its the analysis of video recording, to improve the trajectories.   Location: FIA Circuit

Exercise 5 "Beginning in Track 2" The driver will perform 4 laps on the circuit, always with the supervision of the instructor and in a different car to the first exercise.   Location:  FIA Circuit

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Experience valid for 12 months.