Atividade de escalada em grupo

Uma fantástica atividade para fazer em grupo (familia, colega ou amigos)


ADR Quinta de S. Pedro, Urb. fazenda grande, edf. ADR,
8400-141 Estombar - Lagoa

Climbing is one of the most complete and fun sports, where the physical and psychological components are worked in a creative way. It improves endurance, strength, flexibility, motor coordination, agility, balance and accuracy while increasing motivation, confidence and problem-solving ability.

The type of climbing in this experience, will be bouldering, where no ropes are used and climbing at low height with mattresses at the base.

This type of climbing allows the climber to concentrate more on his movements technique, making the climbing experience more accessible and fun to beginners.

The activity lasts 2 hours and covers the following topics:
- Ethics and safety procedures in a climbing wall
- Fall Control
- Multiple climbing techniques introduction
- Team building and warm-up activities
- Free guided climbing
- Stretching

- Chalk
- Sports Insurance
- Lot of fun

Equipment required:
- Comfortable clothes
- Clean tennis that has not been used outdoors

20€/Pax for minimum of 5 Pax and maximum of 40 Pax.

Experience valid for 6 months except July and August. Experience valid for minimum of 5 pax and maximum of 40 pax.