Safari Self Driving 4 Pax

About 40 kms, 180 min of pure driving pleasure inside the Algarve where you are the driver! Do not miss this unique opportunity!


Centieira, Paderne

Discover the Algarve in a different way behind the wheel of one of these awsome Jeeps. Through rural trails and roads in an unforgettable experience full of emotion and adventure. During the course you can do small stops for photos and rest. Even stop for a swim when the weather permits. No experience is required, it is not a sport event so maneuvers considered dangerous ar not allowed. You will get instruction and even try a course of adaptation to vehicles. Remember, you are the driver and it is going to be like 40kms, about 180 min of pure driving pleasure inside the Algarve! 

Then all you have to do is to have fun, alone or together! Start the engine and explore the Algarve! Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Experience  valid  for up to 4 pax.

Experience valid for 3 months.

General Condition: Valid EU Driving License, minimum age 21 years  (driver), security deposit per vehicle €100 (cash), signing of certificate of responssibility.