Safari Dolphins & Seahorse - Adult Ticket (4H)

Boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean in a fast boat, with guide and charter! Let´s go for adventure!


Marina de Olhão, Loja 7, Avenida 5 de Outubro, 8700 - 305, Olhão

Enjoy a fantastic boat trip in search of dolphins by the Atlantic Ocean in a fast boat with guide and charter, sailing through the waters between Faro and Tavira, up to 6 nautical miles, for sighting groups and families of dolphins in wildlife, then we will return to the beautiful ria where we will stop at a deserted island and you can enjoy one of the best deserted beaches and dive in it, we will try to see the wonderful seahorses. Join the family and come take an epic tour where in addition to having a lot of fun you will learn about these fantastic animals.

Experience valid untill 30th of October 2018.