Paratrike experience flight in Algarve

Paratrike experience flight with a double seat paratrike over the Algarve. Don´t you just dream, live it!


Praia da Falésia,



The paratrike experience is a different flight from paragliding (free flight). With the paratrike, flights are made in zones that do not exist thermals or dynamic ascendants. The paratrike uses the engine as a form of propulsion. When flying in a paratrike, we use special equipment to attenuate the noise of the engine and an intercom for the instructor / monitor to explain the technique of flight as well as give information about the landscape, cities and points of interest that we fly over. Paratrike flight is usually done between Armação de Pêra and Ferragudo, depending on the package purchased. The schedule depends on the weather, but it is always early in the morning and late afternoon what allows, in summer to fly with pleasant temperatures and sometimes see the sunset. When the flight conditions are smooth so it is also possible to go over the Zoomarine and see the dolphins in the large pool at the proper altitude so as not to disturb the dolphin's activity in the zoomarine.

Come feel like a bird and fly through the sky of the Algarve!

Experience valid for 6 months.